'When We Die ...' -
Chapter 9, Immortality

Compiled by Geoffrey Farthing

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A comprehensive description, in outline, of the processes and subjective states in the period between lives, with some information about spiritualistic and psychic phenomena.

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It was mentioned earlier (P. 124: 128) that "In Kama Loka those who retain their remembrance, will not enjoy it at the supreme hour of recollection. - Those who know they are dead in their physical bodies - can only be either adepts or - sorcerers; and these two are the exceptions to the general rule. Both having been 'co-workers with nature', the former for good, the latter for bad, in her work of creation and in that of destruction, they are the only ones who may be called immortal - in the Kabalistic and esoteric sense of course. Complete or true immortality, - which means an unlimited sentient existence, can have no breaks and stoppages, no arrest of Self-consciousness." Continuing this theme (P. 126: 129), the Master says: "We call 'immortal' but the one Life in its universal collectivity and entire or Absolute Abstraction; that which has neither beginning nor end, nor any break in its continuity. Does the term apply to anything else? Certainly it does not. Therefore the earliest Chaldeans had several prefixes to the word 'immortality', one of which is the Greek; rarely used term - panaeonic immortality, i.e. beginning with the manvantara [Note: Period of activity] and ending with the pralaya [Note: Period of rest] of our Solar Universe. It lasts the aeon, or 'period' of our pan or 'all nature'. Immortal then is he, in the panaeonic immortality whose distinct consciousness and perception of Self under whatever form - undergoes no disjunction at any time not for one second, during the period of his Egoship." ... "Suffice for you for the present to know that a man, an Ego like yours or mine, may be immortal from one to


the other Round. [Note: A cycle of the Life Wave around or through our globe - viz. many millions of years.] Let us say I begin my immortality at the present fourth Round, i.e., having become a full adept (which unhappily I am not), I arrest the hand of Death at will, and when finally obliged to submit to it, my knowledge of the secrets of nature puts me in a position to retain my consciousness and distinct perception. of Self as an object to my own reflective consciousness and cognition; and thus avoiding all such dismemberments of principles, that as a rule take place after the physical death of average humanity, I remain as K........ in my Ego throughout the whole series of births and lives across the seven worlds and Arupa-lokas until finally I land again on this earth among the fifth race men of the full fifth Round beings. I would have been, in such a case - 'immortal' for an inconceivable (to you) long period, embracing many milliards of years. And yet am '1' truly immortal for all that? Unless I make the same efforts as I do now, to secure for myself another such furlough from Nature's Law, K........ will vanish and may become a Mr. Smith or an innocent Babu, when his leave expires. There are men who become such mighty beings, there are men among us who may become immortal during the remainder of the Rounds, and then take their appointed place among the highest Chohans, the Planetary conscious 'Ego-Spirits'. Of course the Monad 'never perishes whatever happens'."

We began this account with a reference to the wholeness of Life and the necessity for any life process to be consistent with the universal process. In what has been written we have seen something of the seven-fold constitution of man. This is a counterpart in miniature, the microcosm, of the greater manifestations of BEING, the


macrocosm, be they globes or Solar systems or galaxies. The same essential constitution applies, the same universal Law applies and to a greater or lesser degree, the same cyclic processes apply to man as to the universe. The Ego's succession of personalities in the realms of physical and psychic being is in accordance with this cyclic law.

According to occult science ". . . existence is ONE THING". All our little lives are merged in the ONE LIFE.

We have now finished our account with this look at immortality. We have seen that individual consciousness can be extended almost indefinitely, over aeons of earth time but then comes the question "Am I truly immortal for all that?" We need great courage to accept all that occult science has to offer us. A clinging to the comfortable but terrible limitations of "personality" is understandable but it will forever prevent our moving into the limitless freedom of All Life.



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