'Theosophy - What's it all about?' - Bibliography

by Geoffrey Farthing

'A brief summary of a wonderfully exciting and vitally important subject.'


1 THE FIELD OF THEOSOPHY by Christmas Humphreys. A short outline of the scope of the subject

2 THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY by H P Blavatsky. Deals authoritatively with the main aspects of thc subject from the point of view of an initial enquirer

3 TWELVE MANUALS OF THEOSOPHY by various authors. Each deals with one principle aspect of Theosophy giving basic principles and their relevance to ordinary life. published by Point Loma Publications, Inc

4 AN ABRIDGEMENT OF THE SECRET DOCTRINE by Christmas Humphreys and Elizabeth Preston. A selection of passages from the original work to give a student an overall view of the main teachings without much explanatory material and context references to ancient religions, current science (late 19th century), ancient and modern philsophers, etc

5 THE DIVINE PLAN by Geoffrey Barborka. A commentary on The Secret Doctrine arranging systematically and commenting on the information in it.

6 THE SECRET DOCTRINE DIGEST by Ernest Wood An epitome of the teachings from a trained thinker's and teacher's point of view.

7 THE SECRET DOCTRINE by H P Blavatsky.The great source book for the serious and more advanced student

8 THE MAHATMA LETTERS TO A P SINNETT edited by A T Barker. Letters from two Masters of the Wisdom containing much material of inestimable value to the aspiring student, set among much personal and historical matter relating to the early years of The Theosophical Society.

9 THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE by H P Blavatsky. A book of guidance and inspiration for the sincere student of the spiritual and the mystical.

By the same author;

WHEN WE DIE An outline of the account of the dying and after death processes, as given in the Mahatma Letters to A P Sinnett.

EXPLORING THE GREAT BEYOND Explanations of spiritualistic and psychic phenomena, and of ESP, the paranormal gcncrally, in the light of the teachings of Theosophy.

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