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This Companion Edition Modernised and Edited by Muriel Daw

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Buddha Teachings

The Way of the Arhat or Arhan [The Liberated One]

There are four stages of attainment as the discipline is pursued from the beginning:

1] Srotāpatti. The stage of ‘He who has entered the stream’ which will carry him in time to the ocean of Nirvana.   See note 79

2) Sakridagāmin. In the second stage he is known as ‘he who will return to earth only once more.’

3) Anāgāmin. The third stage is that of the ‘non-returner.’

4) On the Fourth Path to Arhatship, the seeker for perfection has to overcome the remaining Hindrances: Desire for [separate] life in the worlds of form and non-form; Spiritual Pride; Self-Righteousness and Ignorance, which is the final obstacle, and the father of all suffering.
The fruit of this fourth stage is Arhatship, the prerequisite of nirvana.

THE WAY OF THE BODHISATTVA [Bodhi = Enlightenment;  Sattva = Essence]

“There is a Vow to attain supreme enlightenment
in order to help all living beings.”

1] WOULD-BE BODHISATTVA, who thinks of the Vow with longing. but who is still encased in a hard shell of greedy ego.

2] FLEDGELING BODHISATTVA, who forms an earnest intent to realise true enlight­en­ment for the service of all living beings.

3] BODHISATTVA, in whom this earnest intent is the mainspring of his being; and who is befriended by the Celestial Bodhisattvas.

4] IRREVERSIBLE BODHISATTVA, whose essence is Bodhi, and whose heart is the Vow. He will become a Buddha.

The Path of the Bodhisattva is that of the 6 and 10
Transcendental Perfections

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