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Geoffrey Farthing

Geoffrey Farthing T.D., C. Eng,. M.I.E.E.

A lifelong student of Theosophy, Geoffrey was one of it's finest minds and became one of it's all time greatest exponents. He studied Theosophy for some 60 years, lecturing in many countries. He held numerous positions in the Theosophical Society in England including General Secretary (1969-72). He served a term as a member of the Society's General Council at Adyar, India and was a member of the Executive Committee of the European Ferderation for a number of years. He was a director of the European School of Theosophy and its annual study week convened all over Europe was the occasion of some of his finest lectures and where he shared some of his deepest insights into the nature of the Esoteric Philosophy.

Geoffrey was awarded the International Theosophical Society's highest award 'The Subba Row Medal' in 1996 for his outstanding contribution to theosophical literature.

Geoffrey Farthing 'The Constant Theosophist' - an article by Robert Kitto,
Life And Work of Geoffrey Farthing - The Autobiographic Testimony Of a Leading Theosophist: a tribute by Carlos Cardoso Aveline.

Geoffrey Farthing
books & booklets:

(organised in publication date sequence)


first published 1967 revised and reprinted 1983

Just What is Theosophy? We might know someone who thinks that they can answer this question accurately and objectively or perhaps we can look up a brief and, hopefully, unbiased defmition in a dictionary or encyclopedia, but how can we be certain of the answer? What is theosophy about? The author tells us that it is about the universe, its nature and origins; it is about mankind and his relationship to the Whole; it is about law that operates throughout nature, about evolution & individual responsibility. This simple little work aims to introduce the reader to some ideas to enlarge their outlook on life, and begin to answer the question: 'Theosophy: What's It All About?'

84pp Paperback
ISBN: 0-7229-52597
Published by: The Theosophical Publishing House, London

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

published 1968

A comprehensive description, in outline, of the processes and subjective states in the period between lives, with some informatiom about spiritualistic and psychic phenomena. A compilation of extracts from The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, forming an account of the after-life processes.

Published by: The Theosophical Publishing House, London

a revised edition was published in 1994 (see below)


online text (Blavatsky Trust)

published 1974 revised and reprinted 1995

The Blavatsky Lecture 1974

36pp Booklet
Published by: The Theosophical Society in England

first published 1978

A thought provoking study of occultism in which Geoffrey Farthing takes us on an exciting journey into inner and outer space. He tells us what Astral Light is. He describes and explains the Elemental kingdom of nature. He writes about magic, mesmerism, and the inexplicable finding of lost articles; about animal and plant telepathy, spiritualism, psychism, and much much more. All of the above are based upon the teachings of H.P. Blavatsky. She and her principal collaborators have provided us with the complete picture of creation and here is nature as one holistic entity, yet a nature that is eternally and dynamically evolving. The entire book seeks to provide the reader with a legitimate and thoroughly optimistic philosophy of living.

14pp Paperback
ISBN: 0-8356-0508-6
Published by: Quest Books - The Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton USA

published 1993

An introduction to Theosophy.

52pp Booklet
Published by The Blavatsky Trust

published (approximately) 1993

An outline introduction to Theosophy including Cosmic Unity, Universal Law, Man's Relation to Cosmos, Death & Life, The Path.

11pp Booklet
Published by The Blavatsky Trust

first published 1993 (centenary edition, 2010)


Esoteric Science, the Wisdom Religion, embraces all that is good and true in the great religions of mankind, yet transcends them all. As far as can be expressed in words, it reflects Truth, insisting on the unity of the cosmic process. As we are of a like nature with the Cosmos, of one Essence, we are members of one family. This outline of the Wisdom teaching consists of extracts from the original literature with an illuminating commentary. We learn of the various levels of operation in the Cosmos and humanity; the personality, when unrestrained, tends to be entirely self-concemed, whilst the Individuality is rooted in the Divine Unity. As we become increasingly responsive to this Individuality, it exercises a unifying influence in our lives. A complete course in basic theosophy.

253pp Paperback
ISBN: 0-913004-82-0
First published by: Point Loma Publications

To order centenary edition: Please send cheque for £9.50 (includes UK P&P) to -
The Blavatsky Trust, 26 Park Hill Road, Torquay, UK, TQ1 2AL
Or order via Amazon UK: Deity, Cosmos and Man: Outline of Esoteric Science.

Deity Cosmos and Man Centenary Edition

online text by the Blavatsky Trust

online text by the Blavatsky Trust

pdf file (opens new window) - B.Trust copy

published 1994 (revision of 1968 edition; see above.)

'They forget ... that he who holds the keys to the secrets of Death is possessed of the Keys of Life' (Mahatma K.H. Mahatma Lertters p359)

116pp Paperback
ISBN: 0-913004-88-X pbk
Published by: Point Loma Publications

"This book looks at the process of dying and death, an area which has recently aroused increasing interest in both the scientist and the layman.
It articulates the theosophical tradition and puts many of its ideas into a modern context.


Dr. Peter B.C. Fenwick, M.B., B.Chir., B.A., D.P.M., F.R.C Psych., Consultant Clinical Neuropsychiatrist, Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry. [Research interests include brain function in relation to normal and abnormal states of consciousness. Lectures widely on brain disorders throughout the world. Has written numerous papers including some on EEG changes in mantra meditation and metabolic changes during TM. Chairman of the Network Council and President of the International Association of Near-Death Studies [lANDS] (UK).]
"This is the most comprehensive study of death and dying in relation to the complex nature of the human being. It explains in a schematic manner not only the processes through death, but also those leading to a new incarnation. Then there are fascinating insights into psychic and spiritualistic phenomena, as well as conditions following suicides and accidents. All this leads to a systematic comprehension of the relationship between the visible and invisible aspects of existence. Geoffrey Farthing sets out a deep understanding of death which enhances the reader's appreciation of the significance and meaning of life."

Dr. David Lorimar, M.A., Cert.Ed., Director of Scientific and Medical Network since 1986. Former teacher of modern languages and philosophy at Winchester College. Chairman of IANDS (UK). Member of the British Council of the University for Peace. [Interests extremely diverse. Principal concern to help articulate, communicate, and practice the spiritual, ecological, and holistic world-view. Books written include Survival? (1984), Whole in One (1980), The Circle of Sacred Dance (1991), and ed. Prophet for Our Times (1991). The last two books reflect a deep interest in the spiritual master Beinso Douno (Peter Deunov).]

The Far-Reaching Effects of a false assumption

first published June 1995

An examination of some of the differences in data and terminology between the original literature of H. P. Blavatsky and the Masters and later versions (Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater).

online text is taken from the revised edition - November 1996

19pp Leaflet
Published by: The Blavatsky Trust

pdf file (opens new window)

published 1996

A compilation of extracted information on the after-death states as contained in the writings of H.P. Blavatsky and her Initiate Teachers. The material is organised in an easy-to-follow manner that traces the after death processes from death to re-birth. It is a scholarly work useful to both student and serious researcher.

260pp Paperback
ISBN: 0-913004-80-4 pbk
Published by: Point Loma Publications


published 1999

An exploration of the origins of modern theosophical literature - Isis Unveiled and the The Secret Doctrine - and the intentions behind the founding of The Theosophical Society

52pp Booklet
Published by: The Theosophical Publishing House (London) Ltd in collaboration with The Blavatsky Trust

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

(introduction and editorial notes by GAF)
published 2000

Compiled by the Merseyside Lodge of The Theosophical Society in England. What is Theosophy? The Ethical Ideals of Theosophy and Blavatsky on how to study Theosophy.

58pp Booklet
Published by: The Theosophical Publishing House (London)

published 2001

An essay in the nature of Karma based upon extracts from the writings of H.P. Blavatsky

49pp Booklet
Published by: The Theosophical Publishing House (London)

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

pdf file (Canadian Theosophical Association) (opens new window)

published 2001

The 2001 Blavatsky Lecture delivered at the Summer School of the Theosophical Society in England held at King Alfred's College, Winchester, U.K.

51pp Booklet
Published by: The Theosophical Publishing House (London)

published 2003

H. P. Blavatsky on Masonry in her theosophical writings

84pp Booklet
Published by: The Theosophical Publishing House (London) Ltd in collaboration with The Blavatsky Trust

book cover the kabalah

not available online

book purchase via Amazon UK (Paperback – 2012)

published 2012

FROM THE WRITINGS OF H.P. BLAVATSKY AND HER MASTERS. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (H.P.B.) wrote extensively, and in depth, in a particularly well-informed way on many subjects in her numerous, massive literary works. Two of her subjects were Masonry and the Kabala. Most of what she had to say about Masonry has been extracted and put together in a booklet entitled “The Right Angle – H.P.B. on Masonry” by the compiler of this work. Similarly, most of what she had to say about the Kabala has been extracted and collated in this work. It was soon discovered that, apart from her explanatory and historical passages, she had been at some pains, particularly in The Secret Doctrine to reconcile at least the basic ideas of the Kabala with the fundamental data of Theosophy. What Theosophy is will become apparent to the reader as he becomes acquainted with the content of this book. The present work divides into four parts:

Part One which comprises Chapter 1 gives information about the Kabala for the reader who is unacquainted with it and therefore to whom the rest of the book would otherwise have little meaning.
Part Two comprises Chapters 2 to 9. These include a verbatim transcript of many passages on the subject from H.P.B.’s writings, arranged roughly by subject matter. Other informative matter of a miscellaneous nature has also been included.
Part Three relates the Kabala to Theosophy. This is principally in Chapter 10 but included in this section is Chapter 11, a technical article by H.P.B.
Part Four comprising Chapters 12 and 13 is a reconstruction of the Kabala on theosophical lines. Although both the Kabala and Theosophy deal in the main with the same subject, i.e., the nature and processes of Cosmos with particular relation to man, the presentations are of different character. They can, however, be put more or less into the same form, i.e., that of the ‘Tree’ and Tables of Correspondences.


online text (Blavatsky Trust)

published online 2013

A Resource for Group Leaders

online publication produced from the archive material of Geofrey Farthing. Exercises in concentration and mediation. This is a course for those who want preliminary help and stimulation to get them started on the great quest for self-knowledge and self-realization.

Geoffrey Farthing

(produced by The Blavatsky Trust)













Geoffrey Farthing

(organised in publication date sequence)

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

What Is The Theosophical Society?

Has The Theosophical Society lost it's sense of purpose? Has it been - as Geoffrey asks - buried in accretions; distorted in its purpose from those who followed on from H.P. Blavatsky?

The above article first appeared in 'The Theosophist' Magazine Nov. 1969.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

What Theosophy is Not. - What is Theosophy?

A controversial look at the true meaning of Theosophy. Geoffrey Farthing strongly believed that the teachings as given out by H.P. Blavatsky etc had been distorted after her death.

First published in 'The Theosophist' in two parts; May-June 1971

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

(About) The Secret Doctrine

How the secret docrine and H.P. Blavatsky's book of the same name relate.

First published in 'The Theosophist' ; September 1971

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

The Bondage of Being

Freedom? There can be no final freedom in conditioned existence. How then can it be achieved?

Publication date Nov. 1972; The American Theosophist. Web version 2014.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

The Writings of H. P. Blavatsky

A Summary of the principle writings of H.P.B.

First publication date unknown. Web version 2013.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

The Relation of Theosophy to the Theosophical Society
From the proceedings of the 1975 World Congress

From notes of a Task Force Study Group, Chaired by Geoffrey Farthing, at The Theosophical Society Centenary World Congress, New York 1975.

First published in 'The Theosophist' Jan 1976

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

Akasa and the Astral Light

a study paper on the nature of the akasa (akasha), a,d the astral light.

First published The Theosophical Journal Jan/Feb 1977 Vol.18 No. 1

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

Man: his bodies, vehicles and principles

A knowledge of the constitution of man is the key to understanding many Theosophical concepts.

First published The Theosophical Journal Mar/Apr 1977 Vol.18 No. 2

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

The Bible is a Marvellous Book

Introduces us to the profound esotericism of the Bible; a compendium of the Wisdom tradition.

First published The Theosophical Journal May/Jun 1977 Vol.18 No. 3

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

More about the Bible

The more one studies what H.P. Blavatsky had to say about the Bible, the more one is struck by her ability at interpreting the meanings of otherwise obscure sayings and H.P.B.'s enormous knowledge of other religious systems.

First published The Theosophical Journal Jul/Aug 1977 Vol.18 No. 4

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

The Marriage in Cana

An interpretation of the symbology of The Marriage in Cana, St John's Gospel, as expressed through modern Theosophy and the writings of H. P. Blavatsky.

First published The Theosophical Journal Sep/Oct 1977 Vol.18 No. 5

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

SELF, Self, self

a study paper on the nature of the lower personal self, and higher individuality.

First published The Theosophical Journal Nov/Dec 1977 Vol.18 No. 6

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

To the Outer Head of the Adyar Esoteric Section - a letter

The 1976 Letter to Dr. I. K. Taimni, Regarding the Future of Adyar Esoteric School and The Theosophical Society itself.

First published by Carlos Cardoso Aveline at Aug 2011

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

The Group Soul Question

The above article was written as 'points for consideration' following an article, written by Ted Davy, appearing in the July/August 1982 issue of 'Canadian Theosophist'

online text (Blavatsky Trust)


The above article first appeared in 'The Theosophist' Magazine, feb/jan 1990.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

Man and the Cosmic Hierarchies

Previously unpublished. Written March 1990.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)


Article first appeared in the American Theosophist May-June 1991

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

Ever-Becoming - The Cosmic Process

The above article first appeared in 'The Theosophist' Magazine, Dec 1991.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

THEOSOPHY - The Tree of Life

Geoffrey Farthings response to John Algeo's 1990 article in The American Theosophist. John Algeo postulated that Theosophy is a set of ideas traceable through its literary history. Geoffrey Farthing emphasises the eternal and unchanging nature of Theosophy.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

HPB on Meditation and Yoga

from The Theosophist of December 1992

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

Theosophy and Religion

unpublished article from December 1993

Theosophy as Religion

unpublished article from December 1993

Theosophy defined

from The Theosophist of December 1994

The "Theos" of Theosophy

from The Theosophist of March 1996

The Temple of Consciousness

from The Theosophist of August 1996

The Theosophical Society and the Wisdom Religion

from The Theosophist of October 1996

The Fourth Object

from The Theosophist of November 1996

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

The Theosophical Society and Its Future ('Manifesto') and Supplement

from The High Country Theosophist May, 1997

The Theosophical Society and Its Future ('Manifesto') - letters relating to the Manifesto & Supplement.

from The High Country Theosophist 1997

The Background to the Founding of the Theosophical Society

from The Theosophist of February 1998

Toward Wisdom

from The Theosophist of August 1998

The Extraordinary story behind Isis Unveiled

from The Theosophist of October 1998


from The Theosophist of August 1999

Why Study Theosophy?

A grasp of Theosophy requires mental effort and many, who think of themselves as spiritual aspirants question why it should be worth the effort. Geoffrey seeks to give encouragement by explaining the value to be derived therefrom.

Written October 1999 & previously unpublished. Web version 2013.

Master/H.P.B. Association of Theosophists; letter & editorial.

from Fohat magazine, Spring 2000, and High Country Theosophist magazine May, 2000

The Theosophical Society - 125 years old

from The Theosophist of November 2000

How is Theosophy Different?

a reflective look at the distinguishing differences between Theosophy (as presented by Blavatsky-Masters) from other contemporary movements.

Written November 2000 & previously unpublished. Web version 2013.

Some Thoughts on Conditioning

from The Theosophist of April 2001

The Vision

written December 2002, published 'The Theosophist' Magazine, August 2004

The Quest for the Holy Grail

April 2003, previously unpublished lecture notes. Web version 2013. The quest for the Grail is allegorical - the Grail itself being a symbol related to consciousness.

Some Thoughts on Pacifism - a letter

from High Country Theosophist, Sep-Oct issue 2003

Truth is One

The above article first appeared in 'The Theosophist' Magazine, February 2004

Ascending the Heights

'Insight' Autumn 2004 (Vol 45 No.3)

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

Channelling and Ascension

previously unpublished; (being prepared for South-Eastern Federation Newsletter AQUARIUS). Web version 2011.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

pdf file (opens new window)

C R E A T I O N from the Theosophical point of view

previously unpublished. Web version 2012.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

Man's Dilemmas

previously unpublished. Web version 2012.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

An Outline of the Ancient Wisdom

First published approx. 1993. Web version 2012.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)


previously unpublished. Web version 2012

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

The Origins of Man on Earth

previously unpublished. Web version 2012

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

HPB - Her Shining Example

An article written for White Lotus Day (commemoration of the life of H. P. Blavatsky). Continues below.

previously unpublished. Web version 2013.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)

HPB - White Lotus Day

An article written for White Lotus Day (commemoration of the life of H. P. Blavatsky)

previously unpublished. Web version 2013.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)


With references to Nature in H.P.B.'s Collected Wrtings, Secret Doctrine vols I & II, & The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett.

previously unpublished. Web version 2014.

online text (Blavatsky Trust)


previously unpublished. Web version 2014


Geoffrey Farthing
recorded lectures (on audio tape)



People from Other Worlds


The Solo Student


Let There Be Light


Unique Aspects of Theosophy


The Real and the Unreal


The Process of Everbecoming


The Scope of The Secret Doctrine


That's Life


The Science of Esotericism


The Divine Nature of Man


Science in Transformation


Theosophy: Its Beneficient Potentialities


A Course in Theosophy
(audio tapes)

Tape 1 Introduction
Tape 2 Constitution of Man and Cosmos
Tape 3 Hierarchies
Tape 4 Akasha and the Astral Light
Tape 5 Elements and Elementals
Tape 6 The Law
Tape 7 After Death
Tape 8 Origins
Tape 9 Rounds and Races
Tape 10 Evolution and Reincarnation
Tape 11 Spirituality and Psychism
Tape 12 Spiritual Development
Tape 13 Religion

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