Deity Cosmos and Man
Part 2, X Globes, Rounds, and Races

Geoffrey Farthing

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Original EditionDeity Cosmos and Man Centenary Edition

Point Loma edition 1993
Blavatsky Trust edition 2010

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A whole panorama of new ideas, some perhaps very strange, is being presented in this book. In the first part of this chapter the idea of planets like our own having principles comprising an occult constitution like that of man, was introduced. It was shown how the Hermetic Axiom, "As above, so below", really is an aid to our understanding of the esoteric view of the Cosmos and its workings. We saw that the rule of seven applied not only to the inner nature of the planet but also to its evolutionary stages, to those of the Races of mankind and to the time periods marked out by those stages. The cyclic law applies throughout the whole process and all phases and aspects of the process are marvellously coordinated, designed to reach a programmed end, whereafter what had been becomes the seeds for a further harvest in the next great cycle of activity.

In this part of the Chapter more details of the several aspects of the global processes are given. These enrich our overall view and help to illustrate the fact that even in the intricacies of some of the relatively smaller processes, the same laws of analogy apply, the minor always reflecting the major.

In this chapter the further information will be given under the following headings:

1. Origins and formation of Globes

2. The classes and nature of the entities that formed and peopled the Globes

3. Ancestry of Man. The journey of development of those entities who provided him with his principles.

4. Man's evolutionary development. The Races.

5. The areas of the physical planet, earth, where the Races developed.

6. Time scales.


The planetary parent of our Globe was a planet whose lingering physical remains are now our satellite moon. The Chain of Globes that preceded our chain is therefore referred to as the Lunar Chain.

At the end of the last Round of the Lunar Chain its Globes die in turn and transfer their principles, Globe by Globe, to the new Chain, to form its corresponding Globes. The Globes in order round the Chain are, as described in Book I, usually represented by letters, A to G (or Z). These new Globes will start their evolution where their parent old ones finished theirs. The new ones thereby, as their development proceeds, represent a higher state of being; they are more advanced than their predecessors. Secret Doctrine (I 172, I 195, I 225), Figure II contains an illustration of the process of transfer of principles from Globe to Globe. - GAF

Diagram IV

chain transfer

The universe is a living whole, and everything in it expresses Life as a life, a living entity. In their multiplicity of kind and quality these lives comprise manifest existence in its countless multitudes of living beings, ranging from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. They constitute the Hierarchies.


The ultimate units of Life have been defined as Monads, with the reservation that there is really only one homogeneous MONAD. It is thought of as atomic or unitary when in association with a single unit of Life, an entity, whether small or large, e.g. the Monad of a physical atom or the Monad of a man. (Monad in its totality is sometimes referred to as Monadic Essence.) In connection with the genesis of a Globe, its life principles received from the previous Chain are seen as classes of Monads at various stages of development. There are classes of Monads associated with the elemental kingdoms, the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, as well as the human.

There is a passage which, after describing the Globe to Globe transfer of principles from the Lunar to the Earth Chain, explains further:

Our Moon was the fourth Globe of the series, and was on the same plane of perception as our Earth. But Globe A of the lunar chain is not fully "dead" till the first Monads of the first class have passed from Globe G or Z, the last of the "Lunar chain", into Nirvana which awaits them between the two chains: and similarly for all the other Globes as stated, each giving birth to the corresponding Globe of the "earth-chain".

Further, when Globe A of the new chain is ready, the first class or Hierarchy of Monads from the Lunar chain incarnate upon it in the lowest kingdom, and so on successively. The result of this is, that it is only the first class of Monads which attains the human state of development during the first Round, since the second class, on each planet, arriving later, has not time to reach that stage. Thus the Monads of Class 2 reach the incipient human stage only in the Second Round, and so on up to the middle of the Fourth Round. But at this point - and on the Fourth Round in which the human stage will be fully developed - the "Door" into the human kingdom closes; and henceforward the number of "human" Monads, i.e., Monads in the human stage of development is complete. For the Monads which had not reached the human stage by this point will, owing to the evolution of humanity itself, find themselves so far behind that they will reach the human stage only at the close of the seventh and last Round. They will, therefore, not be men on this chain, but will form the humanity of a future Manvantara and be


rewarded by becoming "Men" on a higher chain altogether, thus receiving their Karmic compensation. To this there is but one solitary exception, for very good reasons, of which we shall speak further on. But this accounts for the difference in the races. Secret Doctrine (I 172, I 196, I 226)

This "one solitary exception" refers to the primary apes. This story will be told later (in Part 2 Chapter 11). The irreversible process of ever-progressing growth and development, taking place continually within the Cosmos is exemplified in the grand procession of global development with all that takes place on each Globe. Furthermore the process is entirely ordered. The great Beings who themselves have been through it and attained to a lofty level are the directors.

Now every "Round" (on the descending scale) is but a repetition in a more concrete form of the Round which preceded it, as every globe - down to our fourth sphere (the actual earth) - is a grosser and more material copy of the more shadowy sphere which precedes it in their successive order, on the three planes [see diagram in Book I]. On its way upwards in the ascending arc, Evolution spiritualizes and etherealizes, so to speak, the general nature of all, bringing it on to a level with the plane on which the twin globe on the opposite side is placed; the result being, that when the seventh globe is reached (in whatever Round) the nature of everything that is evolving returns to the condition it was in at its starting point - plus, every time, a new and superior degree in the states of consciousness. Thus it becomes clear that the "origin of man", so-called, on this our present Round, or life cycle on this planet, must occupy the same place in the same order - save details based on local conditions and time - as in the preceding Round. Again it must be explained and remembered that, as the work of each Round is said to be apportioned to a different group of so-called "Creators" or "Architects", so is that of every globe, i.e. it is under the supervision and guidance of special "Builders" and "Watchers" - the various Dhyan-Chohans. Secret Doctrine (I 232, I 253, I 278)


This passage illustrates how each phase of development is successive, each being superior to its predecessor but inferior to its successor; put differently the Monads are moving up the scale of existence in their classes.

We began this part of the Chapter by stating that analogy applied between the orders of magnitude of the total process of universal ever-becoming, the lesser reflecting the greater. This, as seen in Chapter 3, is the case with man's principles; analogy applies.

It is explained that there are several kinds of Pralaya or rest between periods of activity. There is one between Rounds, a global or planetary one, one for a Chain, another for a Solar System, and so on.

Mme Blavatsky also explains that the Monads who came to Earth from the Lunar Chain may be roughly divided into three great Classes:

1. The most developed Monads (the Lunar Gods or "Spirits", called, in India, the Pitris, whose function it is to pass in the first Round through the whole triple cycle of the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms in their most ethereal, filmy and rudimentary forms, in order to clothe themselves in, and assimilate, the nature of the newly formed chain. They are those who first reach the human form (if there can be any form in the realm of the almost subjective) on Globe A in the first Round. It is they, therefore, who lead and represent the human element during the second and third Rounds, and finally evolve their shadows at the beginning of the Fourth Round for the second class, or those who come behind them.

2. Those Monads that are the first to reach the human stage during the three and a half Rounds, and to become men.

3. The laggards; the Monads which are retarded, and which will not reach, by reason of Karmic impediments, the human stage at all during this cycle or Round, save one exception ... Secret Doctrine (I 174, I 197, I 227)


It is therefore Monads of the 2nd Class who comprise the majority of human beings on Earth now. These were the first to arrive on Globe D (Earth) in this the Fourth Round.

We learn that the physical bodies of men take the form (i.e. anthropoid) from a pattern projected from Chhayas, the form of the astral bodies of the First Class of Pitris, the most advanced to arrive on Earth, which was then ethereal, not of dense physical matter as now. It is explained in The Secret Doctrine that, as we have seen in Chapter Four, there are seven creative Hierarchies associated with our Globe and our humanity. "These last act on the man-bearing globes of a chain". Of these one is called the Barhishad Pitris or ancestors. These projected the astral model of their form to be assumed by man. A second hierarchy is known as the Agnishvatta Pitris (and many other names such as Solar Angels, Manasas, Manasaputras, Kumaras) who were to endow man with mind, in the middle of the third Race of this our Fourth Round. Up to this time man was mindless.

During the early Rounds, and the early Races of our Round, the Globe D was ethereal, becoming denser with each successive Round and Race. Man, or what was to become man, reflected these conditions of being. It was only in our Fourth Round that the Globe and man became more or less as we know them now. The literature gives us a description, very much in outline, of both the conditions on earth and the state of humanity during Rounds.

The significant event at the middle of the Third Race was the coming of mind to man. Thereafter man became the responsible creature he now is, knowing "good and evil", but coincident with the coming of mind came the division of the sexes. Up to this time there had been the various methods of reproduction mentioned in the previous chapter that are found in the life forms as they move up the evolutionary scale, in the plant and animal kingdoms.

There are seven Root Races, each a developmental stage of humanity, in a Round. There is a short description of the nature of man in each Race, as follows:

... the First Root-Race, the "Shadows" of the Progenitors, could not be injured or destroyed by death. Being so ethereal and so


little human in constitution, they could not be affected by any element - flood or fire. But their "Sons" the Second Root-Race, could be and were so destroyed. As the "progenitors" merged wholly in their own astral bodies, which were their progeny; so that progeny was absorbed in its descendants, the "Sweat-born". These were the second Humanity - composed of the most heterogeneous gigantic semi-human monsters - the first attempts of material nature at building human bodies. Secret Doctrine (II 138, II 146, III 146)

Later there is another description of man's arrival on this Earth, at the dawn of every rebirth of the worlds (in this case the beginning of the Fourth Round),

First come the SELF-EXISTENT ... These lives "are the divine 'Sishta'. The seed-Manus ... the Pitris. - HPB
From these proceed -

1) The First Race, the "Self-born" which are the (astral) shadow of their Progenitors. The body was devoid of all understanding (mind, intelligence, and will). The inner being (the higher self or Monad), though within the earthly frame, was unconnected with it. The link, the Manas, was not there as yet.

2) From the First (race) emanated the second called the "Sweat-born" and the "Boneless". This is the Second Root-Race, endowed ... with the first primitive and weak spark (the germ of intelligence) ... And from these in turn proceeds:-

3) The Third Root Race, the "Two-Fold" (Androgynes). The first Races thereof are shells, till the last is "inhabited" (i.e. informed) by the Dhyanis." Secret Doctrine (II 164, II 173, III 172)

This Third Race became oviparous, producing, at seasons of procreation "... a small spheroidal nucleus which developed into a large, soft, egglike vehicle ...


... and the young human animal issued from it unaided, as the fowls do in our race." Secret Doctrine (II 166, II 175, III 173) With each race the method of reproduction changed. Later the race became bi-sexual, males distinct from females. This separation coincided with the advent of mind.

The Fourth Race was the first really recognizably human race. As a continuation from the Third Race it was gigantic to start with, but the size slowly diminished to about our proportions.

There is some interesting information about the development of speech:

... the first Race - the ethereal or astral ... called "Self-born" - was, in our sense, speechless, as it was devoid of mind on our plane. The Second Race had a "Sound-language", to wit, chant-like sounds composed of vowels alone. The Third Race developed in the beginning a kind of language which was only a slight improvement on the various sounds in Nature, on the cry of gigantic insects and of the first animals ... Secret Doctrine (II 198, II 208, III 203)

A speech was developed in the later Third Race, but it was only in the Fourth Race that speech was perfected, evoluting into the inflectional, highly developed language of the Fifth Race. Secret Doctrine (II 198, II 208, III 203) See interesting information and footnotes

There is much reference in the literature to the lands on which the great Root Races developed. The story of where the First and Second Races started and the areas they occupied is obscure because the earth was then ethereal. A land at the North Pole is postulated, always under the eye of the Pole Star, but no such land is now known; later Greenland, which then enjoyed an equable climate, is specifically mentioned. In several places, however, it is said that the axis of the earth has shifted a number of times. Periodically the land masses have sunk beneath and risen up from the oceans.

The name used for the home of the second Race was Hyperborea, ethereal; of the Third Race, Lemuria, mostly dense physical; of the Fourth Race,


Atlantis, earth as we now know it. The Fifth Race with its origins in Europe now peoples North America, Australia and parts of South Africa, as well as its old home lands in the east, Northern India, etc.


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