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Chapter X Globes, Rounds, and Races

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The subject matter of this chapter illustrates several times over the Great Hermetic Axiom, expressed by Mme Blavatsky in these words:

As is the Inner, so is the Outer; as is the Great so is the Small; as it is above, so it is below: there is but ONE LIFE AND LAW; and he that worketh it is ONE. Bowen Notes (10)

As the first example, Occult Science shows that universal law, which links every effect to an antecedent cause, must apply to the earth itself just as it applies to every being on it. If every life-form had its causative antecedents, so also must the planet have had its preceding cause in another mode of existence. The recognition that this must be so extends our view of the history of life on earth into a past of scarcely imaginable duration, into world systems that existed before ours - and similarly forwards into a future with no conceivable limit.

Furthermore, Occult Science rejects the notion of creation ex nihilo, replacing it by the universal principle of the periodical projection "from within outwards" of pre-existent already conditioned subjective being into objective manifestation.

As no outward motion or change, when normal, in man's external body can take place unless provoked by an inward impulse, ... so with the external or manifested Universe. Secret Doctrine (I 274, I 295, I 317)

Again, as man is a sevenfold entity, having his seven principles, so also are the planets sevenfold, each having its seven corresponding principles. The parallel between man and planet is given in some detail by one of the Adept Teachers:


Law in Nature is uniform and the conception, formation, birth, progress, and development of the child differs from those of the globe only in magnitude.

... The correspondence between a mother-globe and her child-man may be thus worked out. Both have their seven principles. In the Globe, the elementals (of which there are in all seven species) form (a) a gross body, (b) her fluidic double (Linga-sharira), (c) her life principle (jiva); (d) her fourth principle kama-rupa is formed by her creative impulse working from centre to circumference; (e) her fifth principle (animal soul or Manas, physical intelligence) is embodied in the vegetable (in germ) and animal kingdoms; (f)  her sixth principle (or spiritual soul, Buddhi) is man (g) and her seventh principle (Atma) is in a film of spiritualized Akasha that surrounds her. Mahatma Letters (93, 91)

This passage is followed by an illuminating account of the evolution of the kingdoms on the globes, from mineral to man.

The frequent reference to examples of the septenary principle in Nature shows it to be one of the keys to an understanding of the cosmic scheme. In Esoteric Buddhism, the first attempt to make a systematic presentation of the occult teaching, Mr Sinnett drew attention to this septenary characteristic of the cosmic order.

By what prophetic instinct Shakespeare pitched upon seven as the number which suited his fantastic classification of the ages of man, is a question with which we need not be much concerned; but certain it is that he could not have made a more felicitous choice. In periods of sevens the evolution of the races of man may be traced, and the actual number of the objective worlds which constitute our system, and of which the earth is one, is seven also. Remember, the occult scientists know this as a fact, just as the physical scientists know for a fact that the spectrum consists of seven colours, and the musical scale of seven tones. There are seven kingdoms of Nature, not three, as modern science has imperfectly classified them. Man belongs to a kingdom distinctly separate from


that of the animals, including beings in a higher state of organization than that which manhood has familiarized us with as yet; and below the mineral kingdom there are three others, which science in the West knows nothing about ... Esoteric Buddhism, 57

To these examples of "the regular operation of the septenary law in Nature" there must now be added the seven planes of the Cosmos, the seven globes that constitute a Chain or planetary system, the seven Rounds or periods of activity of each Chain, the seven races of mankind with their seven subraces, The particular meaning of the terms here introduced must now be briefly explained, for since none of this 'information had previously been given out in the English-or any other European-language, an appropriate terminology had first to be agreed between Mr Sinnett and his Teachers when they began to introduce into their correspondence with him what were then completely novel ideas. Among the terms employed here are:




a system of a physical Globe and six related invisible Globes, "A chain of beads, and each bead a world." Mahatma Letters (66, 66)

Round (or Ring)

the passage of a life-impulse round . the seven Globes of a Chain, and therefore the period of activity of a Chain.

Life-impulse (also called the tide of life, the wave of existence, the spiritual impulse)

the activating principle which carries the evolutionary stream forward from one Globe to the next.


a human group that has reached a
certain evolutionary stage, physically,
psychically, and mentally.


Man lives out his evolutionary progress on seven planes. In each incarnation a personality that emerges is the result of tendencies and faculties developed through past lives - the skandhas or seed-characteristics of his own making, the inheritance he bequeaths to himself for his future. Similarly the globes of a Chain correspond to the seven principles in man. Each globe in turn becomes the stage on which emerge and are developed the seed-characteristics inherited from its predecessor, and similarly too, as a term of activity of a Chain draws to a close, the total life of each dying globe is passed on to the next corresponding globe in a new sevenfold Chain.

It is said that the planetary chains, having their "Days" and their "Nights" - i.e., periods of activity or life, and of inertia or death - behave in heaven as do men on Earth: they generate their likes, get old, and become personally extinct, their spiritual principles only living in their progeny as a survival of themselves. Secret Doctrine (I 154, I 178, I 209)

There is a complication here that must be mentioned, although it cannot be explored in detail at this point. The total Kosmos is a septenary, but the student is advised that the three higher planes are "inaccessible to human intellect as developed at present." The drama of human evolution, and the sevenfold stage on which it is enacted, are within the four lower planes of the Kosmos. Of these four, three are subjective or super-physical, our earth alone being on the plane of sensory perception. Within this field, six of the seven globes of our Chain must be envisaged as existing on the subjective or inner planes, three on the arc of descent - that is, of increasing rnateriality, and three on the arc of ascent - that is, evolving towards an


increasingly ethereal condition. A diagram may serve to clarify the teaching. The diagram, which appears above, is based upon the one from The Secret Doctrine (I 153, I 177, I 208) However, in interpreting the diagram it must be realized that it is symbolic only, the globes - like the principles of man - occupying the same "space" (for want of a better term) and being subjective with respect to our earth.

Diagram II - Pictorial Representation of a Chain of Globes

chain of globes

In the study of the seven principles of man, it is clear that only one of these, the physical body, is perceptible to the physical senses. This body is the vehicle [or upadhi) of the other six, three of which, called here the astral body, animal soul, and soul, are respectively the vehicles of the other three, life, mind, and spirit. Similarly, of the seven globes that form the earth Chain, only this earth itself is perceptible to the normal senses, the other six - its "invisible companions" - being on planes beyond their present reach.


A further paragraph summarizes the occult teaching:

... the one eternal Law unfolds everything in the (to be) manifested Nature on a sevenfold principle; among the rest, the countless circular chains of worlds, composed of seven globes, graduated on the four lower planes of the world of formation ... Out of these seven only one, the lowest and the most material of those globes, is within our plane or means of perception, the six others lying outside of it and being therefore invisible to the terrestrial eye. Every such chain of worlds is the progeny and creation of another, lower, and dead chain - its reincarnation, so to say. Secret Doctrine (I 152, I 176, I 207)

The potentialities of Spirit that are to be made manifest by the process of evolution must first become in-volved in matter. This dual process of involution and evolution is described symbolically as the descent of spirit into matter and its ascent out of matter - portrayed in religious mythologies as the incarnation, death, and resurrection of the divine Son. When the human stage is reached, the septenary principle is once again shown to operate in: the emergence of seven successive major or Root Races during the life of a globe or planet.

In order to appreciate the extensive and detailed information given on the subject of these races and their evolution, the student must first expand enormously his conception of time-periods and recognize the few thousand years of recorded human history as only a very short phase in the story of mankind; he must also abandon altogether the common identification of race with the normal ethnic classification and understand the term to connote seven definite major stages of human evolution. Of the five Root Races that have so far comprised our humanity (two more being destined to emerge in a distant future), the occult teaching states that the first two, having no solid bodies or bone-structures, have left no trace; after the gradual consolidation of the third Race, at about its mid-point, there came about the separation of the sexes from an earlier androgyne phase; the fourth Race is described as "the first completely human specie" Secret Doctrine (II 227 fn, 11 237 fn, III 230) while the fifth, the present Race, "was evoluted in Central Asia more than


one million of years ago." Mahatma Letters (121, 118) Each of these major Races evolves through seven subraces, each one of which lasts for many thousands of years, and these in turn produce their "family races" with their further sub-division into tribes or national groups. Secret Doctrine (II 434, II 454, III 433)
A few statements taken from a summary of the total evolutionary process must suffice to indicate the grandeur of the scheme, made public here for the first time:

1. Everything in the metaphysical as in the physical universe is septenary.

2. The evolution of life proceeds on a Chain of seven Globes, Round which the life-wave passes seven times, each complete cycle being described as a Round.

3. Our earth is the visible representative of a Chain of seven Globes, the other six being invisible to us at present; it has to live through seven Rounds.

4. The Humanity of our earth develops fully only in the fourth Round, in the course of which emerge seven Root 'Races, each one evolving through seven subraces.

5. The Root Races develop originally on different continental land masses, the occult tradition associating the Third and Fourth Races respectively with the now lost continents that have become known by the appropriate names of Lemuria and Atlantis.


A study of the information made available in the literature of Esoteric Science shows how marvellously all the processes involved in the Cosmos are coordinated, how everything is superbly ordered to the end that the majority of mankind may, by the close of the Seventh Race of the Seventh Round, have reached such a state of perfection that they may become in their turn the guides and instructors of a new infant humanity.

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