Deity Cosmos and Man
Introduction to Part 2

Geoffrey Farthing

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Original EditionDeity Cosmos and Man Centenary Edition

Point Loma edition 1993
Blavatsky Trust edition 2010

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In this second book, the chapters have been given the same numbers and titles as their counterparts in Book I. Here, however, the outline has been supplemented and illustrated by further quotations from the original literature. While it is hoped that a reasonably connected narrative will result, a mass of information has had necessarily to be omitted, and in spite of the additional material given here, we still have no more than the barest groundplan of Esoteric Science. The reader who wishes to understand more of its structure must turn to the classical works themselves. Even there the picture is not complete; although much has been made available, yet, as Mme Blavatsky advised her readers, it is relatively little, and that little is part allegorical.

Because of the primary intention of keeping the main thesis clear, little reference has been made to the esoteric element in the world's religious and philosophical systems. Yet the material relating to this aspect of the Science is abundant, and each reader will be able to study his particular interest in the light of Esotericism.

The writer hopes that it is not too much to assume that the reader, having come this far in the exploration of this outline of Occult Science, will have begun to turn to the source material on which this outline is based. This second part will, in addition to elaborating some of the information given in Book I, set up signposts leading to some of the more recondite aspects of the science. Having made himself familiar with the basic concepts and the vocabulary which their study entails, the reader will have no great difficulty in adding to the vocabulary required for this further exploration.

The use of special or technical terms has been kept to a minimum in this outline. In the principal literature, a temporary difficulty that confronts the student is the indiscriminate mixing of nomenclatures: Buddhist. Hindu, Tibetan, Kabalistic and so on. However, the difficulty will be overcome by perseverance and the growing familiarity with the terms encountered.


Esoteric Science is the synthesis of science, religion and philosophy. In Chapter 14, religion is discussed , in broad terms, in the light of Esotericism. Throughout the book, some aspects of philosophy are introduced, whereas little attention is given to the science of today. Yet Esoteric Science has a significant contribution to make both to the natural sciences and to the domain of psychology, as well as to metaphysics in such questions as the nature of matter, time, space and causation. Esoteric Science affirms the existence of invisible and subjective realms of being that are not yet within the purview of today's sciences. These inner, causative worlds are the "within" whence originates the "without", with all its divers substances, forms, qualities and modes of behaviour.

Beyond and behind these realms is THAT which ever is. This is the postulated great unknowable, the ABSOLUTE of Esotericism, the Parabrahm of the Hindus, the Causeless Cause behind the very first stirrings of that which is to be the root of all manifestation, the ONE. Neither the ever-existing THAT, nor the ONE, is 'in' space and time as we understand them. With the first signs of manifestation, at the beginning of a Cosmos, there arise the abstract roots of what will be space, substance and motion, to bring manifestation into being.

Modern science is now examining the idea that matter may originate from space. Esotericism endorses this view and in fact teaches it, adding, however, that there are two aspects of space, a 'visible' and an 'invisible' one. The invisible aspect is inner, subjective space - the space of mental pictures, dreams, ideal images, and so on; it is dimensionless, that is, it cannot be measured. Visible space is the room in which 'stuff' and things exist, and it originates with them. It is the space of physical existence, our physical universe. In the occult view, this space is material, that is, it is itself 'stuff' from which is ultimately derived the substance of all things. It can be regarded as an ethereal plasma; it is affected by magnetic fields and gravity which, together with what manifests to us as electricity, are aspects of it in their essential nature. It is to be noted that, according to the esoteric teaching, gravity is an "attraction" which things physical have for one another, a kind of affinity or sympathetic attraction stemming from


within their inner natures. In the physical world such an attraction appears also in chemical affinities.

In an attempt to understand how the ordinary notion of dimension does not apply to inner space, we can ask ourselves, for example, how big - by any physical yardstick - is any imagined thing, be it a world or an egg! The universe, with all that is in it, is subject to cyclic law. All things come and go, all things are born and die. So too does all matter; like everything else, sub-atomic particles have a finite life. Although at subatomic levels a degree of uncertainty prevails, yet even here statistical probability applies, and the probability is that our world, and the entire Cosmos, will continue much as they are but subject to slow change. Everything throughout the Cosmos is living and intelligent in its own degree. Occultism regards the Cosmos as a Unity, all its innumerable components sharing its entire nature; the deepest mystery, truly! Everything, therefore, is both in it and of it, and everything must inevitably participate in its processes. (This fact justifies the view that the observer of an experiment necessarily affects what he observes.)

There are many questions confronting science today. Let us state a few of them. Whence the hydrogen that seems to be continuously created? What is life? Whence animation and consciousness? Whence the human form? How do the molecules, the cells and the organs that comprise it come to 'know' their special function? What and where ultimately is memory? Why does evolution appear punctuated? In Esoteric Science may be found explanations which will answer these and many other as yet unresolved problems of science - problems which cannot be resolved so long as scientists are limited to the use of physical instruments and partially developed senses. Yet, it must be repeated, the information so far made available is no more than the lifting of a corner of the veil. Nevertheless, the study of the little we have been given may provide insights and understanding of the world of our experience, and maybe an intimation (not obtainable anywhere else) of what lies beyond.


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