Deity Cosmos and Man

Geoffrey Farthing

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Original EditionDeity Cosmos and Man Centenary Edition

Point Loma edition 1993
Blavatsky Trust edition 2010

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We have now concluded this outline sketch of the vast subject of Esoteric Science. We have learned that Theosophy, the Ancient Ageless Wisdom, exists; that it is the Wisdom Religion, embracing all that is good and true in the great religions of mankind, yet transcending them all. As far as can be expressed in words, we find it reflects Truth, insisting on the Unity of the cosmic process in which each individual is as a spark to the flame; that we are of like nature with Cosmos, and, being of one Essence, are members of one family, a family that includes all things and all beings.

The aim of this work has been to make known something of the scope of the subject and to offer a framework for future study; to provide a base of data relating to the very nature of Nature, and therefore the nature of Man, for philosophers, religionists, and scientists to consider and ponder thoughtfully. That base, importantly, is common to them all. Acceptance of these data inevitably affects our thinking, and therefore our attitudes, pointing a direction away from materialism, selfishness, greed, ruthless competition and superstition, which all stem from fundamental ignorance of the true nature of existence and its processes.

The awful waste in our so-called developed society is beginning to be regarded as totally unacceptable. A spirit of kindness to our Mother Earth is abroad - realization that the Earth needs a recovery time, both in terms of land yield, timber, sea products, etc., as well as the massive energy sources of coal, gas and oil - none of the latter being inexhaustible. Already there are massive aid projects for victims of natural catastrophes, civil war, etc. The public heart has been touched: food for the starving, water supplies, medical aid, land resettlement - all these are now being generously funded.

But beyond all that, and basically, how can human follies be prevented that cause and aggravate so much human suffering? How stem the tide of strife by so-called religious bigotry and fundamentalism on which unscrupulous


politicians thrive for their own interest? There is only one effective palliative - a knowledge of the essential spiritual origin and nature of all things, creatures and men. Today the idea of earth as a living entity is receiving growing acceptance. This is a positive start. But who has heard of Alaya, the Soul of the World, indeed of the Cosmos, the common spiritual Soul shared by all?

Here in this book we have heard of that Universal Law which in no way can be thwarted or turned aside: inexorable in its action but ever wisely just. We learn of the ramifications of the Law of Cycles, periodicity, coming and going, with reincarnation as one of its aspects? And we see that the doctrine of reincarnation, bringing with it the idea of long-term evolution and the ultimate perfectibility of man, makes sense of our life here on earth. The great question then, "What are we here for?" is now answered. Every individual’s life has a long-term purpose - self-development leading to a realization of the nature of one’s real divine Self, and inseparable relationship, through identity, with the Universal SELF.

Who then, accepting these things, can deny Universal Brotherhood, not only in mankind, but also in all sentient life, everywhere, everything?

- Geoffrey A. Farthing


Compassion is not attribute
It is the law of LAWS –
eternal Harmony, Alaya’s SELF;
a shoreless universal essence,
the light of everlasting Right,
and fitness of all things,
the law of love eternal

The Voice of the Silence, Frag.III, v 300


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