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An Outline of Esoteric Science -
The original audio study course written and spoken by Geoffrey Farthing

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Germany 1983

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The Uniqueness of Theosophy


Esoteric Science, which covers all aspects of the nature of our immediate Cosmos including, of course, our solar system and our earth, is so vast a subject that to attempt an outline is rather like trying to put a boundary on infinity. It deals not only with what is objectively real, at least to our physical senses and the instruments by which they are extended, but even more particularly with the inner subjective realms of being. Esoteric Science postulates these realms as areas of ultimate causation for the whole of manifest existence.

Using the word postulate is a concession to modern science, which deals both in postulates and in models, metaphors and paradigms. The Initiates into Esoteric Science, however, claim to KNOW what they are talking about, and that what they tell us in the vast literature on the subject relates to the actual nature and workings of Cosmos, on both the outer and inner levels. For the average student what is put before him must be regarded as a model, but it is an all-inclusive model such that, for example, David Bohm's implicit and explicit orders, and Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields and his resonances, are all included in it.

What is attempted in the recordings is to highlight a number of salient points of the grand philosophy and to say enough about each of them to provide a reasonably comprehensive picture of the whole scheme for consideration. An examination of the content of each recording will surely demonstrate that aspects of a single mighty scheme are being presented, and that the total panorama does in fact constitute a unity, a single whole.

A thread of Esotericism runs through the chronicled events of the world's history. Although the origins of the esoteric tradition are lost in the mists of time, the tradition itself may be discerned in the myths and fairy-tales of many cultures, with their stories of giants, dragons, magicians and wise men. As we approach historical times, we come to the legendary semi-divine figures of Krishna in India, Hermes in Egypt and Mithras in Persia, followed in due course by the great historical teachers known to us as Gautama Buddha, Lao-tse and Jesus. In the west, the esoteric tradition is evident in the Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras and Plato, as also among the Gnostics, Valentinus, Basilides and Simon Magus among others. Ruthlessly suppressed by the Christian Church, it nevertheless emerges among the mediaeval Rosicrucians, Alchemists and Hermeticists, and is in part made explicit in the works of individual writers such as Robert Fludd and Jacob Boehme.

The condition of western thought in the latter part of the 19th century, with religion in conflict with materialistic science, made it necessary for the Guardians of the esoteric tradition to let its existence be more openly known. For the first time in recorded history some parts of the teachings were given out publicly in the early literature of the theosophical movement.

The author of the recordings, in attempting to offer an overview of the teachings, has made abundant reference to that literature in which, it is hoped, the student may discover for himself something of the scope and grandeur of the Science comprising the Ancient Wisdom tradition.


This series of audio recordings covers the major aspects of Esoteric Science. The Science covers the whole field of human knowledge and is based on a tradition that there have always been men with faculties extended far beyond what is normally conceived possible. This Esoteric Knowledge or Science underlies all that is basically true in our present-day sciences, arts, philosophies and religions.

It also underlies all the authentic ancient 'occult' systems, such as Freemasonry, the Kabala, Hermeticism, the Egyptian and Greek Mysteries, Rosicrucianism (not the popular version), and many of the modern curtailed and often distorted versions of parts of it. It constitutes the inner side of religions, in whose scriptures it is referred to in symbol, allegory and parable.

This Science, this Ancient Wisdom, was never wholly made public; some information about it was given out for the first time in the writings of H.P. Blavatsky and her Initiate Teachers, at the end of the nineteenth century. For even a modest understanding of just so much as has been made available, much study and thought is needed. There is no short cut. The effort to understand develops the faculty to do so. Anyone who seriously applies himself to the subject matter of the recordings will soon appreciate what is required of him if he is to benefit himself, and others, significantly by his endeavours.

There are thirteen recordings, each in two parts, with the following titles and content:


Part 1. The tradition of an Ancient Wisdom. What is Esoteric Science? The Science: some aspects of Occultism. Man, and Cosmos, microcosm and macrocosm. Path to self-enlightenment. Idea of inner worlds. Esotericism and religion. The Ancient Wisdom as underlying and transcending all present forms of religion.

Part 2. Key Ideas running through the whole science. Whole new outlook on life. The Key Ideas, 1) Unity, The One Life, polar opposites; 2) The Law, universal and embracing all natural laws; 3) Life Everlasting, continuity of the Cosmic process; 4) Cosmos, a structured whole, the ascending series of hierarchies of lives; 5) Sevenfold Nature of Man, reflecting that of Cosmos. Some derived ideas are, i) Everything in nature is composite in structure and characteristic quality. The Fundamental Elements. ii) The invisible, causative realms of being. iii) After death processes and reincarnation. iv) Origins, from within outwards; everything in the Universe begins and ends. v) The One Element emanates six others. vi) Unity in diversity. vii) Progressive evolutionary development of everything. The Kingdoms. viii) The Earth, with six invisible companion Globes. The Human Races.


Part 1. Man, a spiritual being. His several Principles. His complex inner nature. His essential identity with Nature and Cosmos. Individual (Egoic) and personal man. His sevenfold constitution. The rationale of meditation, etc. Some technical terms defined.

Part 2. Hierarchies in man's make-up.The Auric Envelope. Principles and Aspects. The Chakras. States of consciousness at Astral level. Elements and Senses. Antahkarana. Laya centres. Planets, their Spiritual Lords.


Part 1. The Law operates intelligently. Intelligent beings at all levels. Planes and Elements, their characteristics. The Logos, a collective Being. The Dhyan-Chohans, their functions. The Elementals, nature forces etc. Germs and microbes, ubiquitous, their function. The human body, an hierarchical structure. The ten Kingdoms. Karma and Evolution. The Lipika. Lunar and Solar Pitris.

Part 2. The Structure and Governance of Cosmos. Dhyani-Chohans enact Nature's 'laws'. Hierarchical responsibility, the lower subserves the higher. The Lipika, their functions, the Plan and Ring-Pass-Not. Every being passes through the human stage. Divinity must be won. Three groups of Builders. The Spirits of the Stars. The Rays. The Creative Powers, seven (4 and 3). Twelve great Orders, seven described. The Spiritual Hierarchy. The One Initiator. Inhabitants of the invisible worlds.


Part 1. The 'Days' and 'Nights' of Cosmos. Akasha, what it is. Space (abstract) the Universal Matrix. Force needs 'Substance' to transmit it. The transformations of Akasha. Fohat, Cosmic Electricity. Akasha and Sound. Aether and Ether. The Astral Light, invisible region round our Globe. The Linga Sarira. Astral Light conveys force; contains everlasting impressions, seat of memory.

Part 2. Akasha, Universal Space and Eternal Ideation. Indispensable agent of every magical performance. Mulaprakriti. Kundalini. Fifth universal Cosmic Principle corresponds to Manas. Akasha differentiates, forms the Elements. Anima Mundi, Alaya. Astral Light, lower aspect of Akasha, reflects and reverses a higher plane. Astral light periodic, Akasha eternal. Astral Light realm of Illusion. Clairvoyance. Akasha, synthesis of all forces, 'potentiality' of all things.


Part 1. Elements, differentiations of Akasha. Seven Cosmic Elements, four physical, one (Ether) semi-material, two not yet manifest. Elements and corresponding Tattvas. Fire all pervasive. Fohat, an Entity. Cosmic magnetism. Illusion of the phenomenal Universe. Transference of principles from a dying to a nascent star. Elements and their Rulers. Elementals, nature and powers of. Personal elementals. Different classes. Elementals and 'shells'.

Part 2. Cosmic Elements, related to 'metaphysical' gases. Tattvas described. Table of Correspondences: Tattvas, Elements, Principles, States of Matter, Colours, Sounds, Senses, Planets, Metals. Elements and Rounds. Dimensions. The Fifth Element. Elements, Ilus, Laya. Dhyan-Chohans, Devas and Elementals, etc., condition Earth in the Rounds. Forty-nine sub-elements. The 'immortal Gods'. Man in his formative 'Elementary states. Anu. Imponderable substances fill interplanetary space.


Part 1. Karma, ultimate law, the origin of all other laws. Mahat, 'creation' and planes. Universe and all life sentient. The Law, the collectivity of 'knowledge', consequent action. Cosmos self-regulating. The Law is Deity and vice-versa. The 'Power Divine', retributive justice. Free will and destiny. The projection of inner patterns modified by experience, into physical objectivity. Residual 'seeds', causes from the past become effects. The ordered economy of Nature. The maintenance of balance and harmony. Planned progression, everything plays its part. Application of law to our living. Karma, 'Aphorisms'.

Part 2. Cycles. Cosmic importance of Fohat. 'Agents' of the Law. Elementals, the 'life of everything; and natural phenomena. The Four Regents and the Cosmical Forces. Man entirely responsible for his fate, individually and collectively. 'The whole secret of Life ... '. The forty-nine fires. The Process' of reincarnation. Experience gained by living. Transmission of 'life-atoms' from one incarnation to next, Skandhas. The Kosmic Auric Envelope. Predestination, in the geological process. Time of human progress. KARMA-NEMESIS, 'creator of nations and mortals'. Union and harmony, instead of disunion and strife. Astrology. The presiding 'Angel' in every birth. Karma and evolution. Self-redemption.


Part 1. Coming and going, everlasting process. Cyclic appearance of Cosmos and Man. Seven 'Principles' - three immortal, four mortal. The experience of dying, common elements. Review of past life. Separation of principles. Immediate unconsciousness. Gestation' period. Second review. Second 'death'. Entry into Devachan. Return of Consciousness. Devachanic experience. Devachanee cannot communicate with Earth. Process of Rebirth. Real reincarnation rare. Exceptions', accidents and suicides, Kama Loca. No punishment after death. Karmic retribution on Earth.

Part 2. After-death states described in the Mahatma Letters; the Masters' grouping of Principles. The fate of principles. Entry of Ego into Devachan. Kama-Manas as the 'shell; its consciousness and memory. The Devachanee. Duration of phases of after-death states. The Antahkarana. Vision of past lives. Rebirth. Creation of next personality. Karma stored in the Auric Envelope. Mother or family chosen by Karma. Early ethereal man did not suffer death. Many accounts of after-death states and experiences do not accord with the Masters' teaching.


Part 1. Whence Cosmos and its creatures? Endless causation. The invisible realms, their powers, forces, energies, the source of feeling and thinking - and colour, sound, design, etc. Objective projected from subjective. Forms disappear but their 'privation' persists, Continuity. Who creates the Universe? Earth's programme of manifestations. Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis. Differentiations and transformations of the ONE. The archetypes of all. Evolutionary stages, the Kingdoms. The coordinated process - each phase geared to others. Forms exist in Eternity. Man also comes from inner worlds. Origins of man's principles. Man's overshadowing Monad. Mahat, two aspects. Origins of desire and mind principles.

Part 2. From within outwards; ideas, prototypes, astral forms, projection into objectivity. Man's constitution reflects that of Cosmos, similar origins. The three fundamental propositions of the S.D. Father, Mother, Son - Spirit, Soul, Body. The 'Lives', Atoms, the Kingdoms, Genesis, the awakening after a 'Night' of Pralaya. Space and Duration, Matter and Motion. The Egg symbol. Subjective images dimensionless. Mahat and Fohat start to function, the creation of planes. The Origins of man on Earth. non-physical in early Rounds. The Monadic Essence, its vehicles of expression in the inner worlds. Astral man. Solidification during third Root Race. The Dhyanis in his constitution. The Pitris gave him physical form. Origins of Mind and Kama.


Part 1. Strange story. The Law of analogy. Every world a sevenfold entity. Earth's seven principles. Elementals form her lower three principles, her creative impulse her fourth, her fifth embodied in the vegetable (in germ) and animal Kingdoms, her sixth is man, her seventh a film of spiritualized Akasha. Three supernal planes and four of manifestation. Kabalistic equivalents. Planets 'reincarnate' as men do. The transference of life principles in man. Seven Planes correspond to seven states of consciousness. Inner Globes, six evolutionary states. Three on the involutionary arc, three on the evolutionary. H.P.B.'s six-point summary of the process. The Root Races during the fourth Round. Pari passu development of Elements and Senses. Nature of man in the Rounds.

Part 2. The circling of the Seven Globes by Root Races. What is meant by a Round? Involution 'materializes'; evolution 'spiritualizes'. Rounds reflect each other, ever 'ascending'. Birth of a planet like that of a man. A chain is the progeny of a previous one. Passage of hierarchies round the Globes. Several kinds of pralaya. Globes are living entities. The Earth and six subjective Globes on four planes. Door to human kingdom closed in mid fourth Round. The peopling of Globes. No animals except anthropoid apes can now reach the man stage. Three classes of Lunar Monads. The progenitors of man are now ourselves. The 'Solar Angels' endow man with his immortal EGO. Early races devoid of mind. The Races and their Continents. Earth's axis tilted several times. Story of the main Races; their methods of reproduction. Man hermaphrodite before the sexes divided.


Part 1. Evolution, unfoldment of potentialities of spirit. The Monad as Power. Life 'everbecoming'. Monad 'evolves' through its vehicles. Three schemes of evolution, Monadic, Intellectual and Physical. Each with own laws. No beginning and no end of cosmic progressive development towards a higher life. Endless chain of causation. Evolutionary process, its 'modus operandi'. Role of Kama. Ultimate consolidation, solid minerals. Inner planes not explorable by physical senses or instruments. Living 'trans ducers' necessary. Living things have soul-to-body communication link. Man not always recognizably human. Two more senses will evolve. Environmental conditions keep pace with development of species. Methods of reproduction, fission to separate sexes. Evolutionary stages always recapitulated. Karma-less 'new' men.

Part 2. Significance of 'everbecoming'. Law is Universal Process. Cycles spiralling to Perfection. Evolution from inner worlds outwards. The 'Spiritual plasm' of heredity. Evolutionary progress through Kingdoms. Attainment of 'clear self-consciousness'. The plane of Mentality, none with a wider margin. The 'pilgrim Soul'. A Dhyan Chohan has to become one. The 'cause of hereditary transmission'. Germinal cells. Fivefold functions of Jiva. The 'Force' behind evolution. The astral, manas and 'solar spirits'. Vice and wickedness abnormal. 'Warmth' of Atman stimulates spiritual growth. Idea of cosmic fruit and seed. Man 'educates' matter. The 'missing link'. Man and the apes. Human-animal monsters. The sin of the mindless. Graver sin of the Atlanteans.


Part 1. Theosophical teaching unique. Key data: Constitution of man, Elementals, Astral Light. Human reliquiae, mortal remains in inner world. The immortal Ego, properly the only 'spirit'. After-death states and man's principles. Kama Loca and Kama Rupa. Elementaries, their capabilities. Astral Light pictures virtually everlasting, can be enlivened by Elementals. Kama Rupa temporary. Seance messages and materializations; who or what is coming through? Function of medium; clairvoyance, clairaudience, trance, energy and substance for phenomena. Psychism, the paranormal, ESP., out-of-body experiences, 'astral' travel, etc. Mayavi Rupa. Powers of Elementals. Hypnotism and Mesmerism. Production of Mayas (illusions). Psychometry. Thought transference, the Astral telegraph. The dead cannot affect affairs on earth.

Part 2. Nature of materialized forms, only pictures. Fallacy of spiritualistic theories. Magical power, natural power. Magic, a science. Magicians control 'spirits'. The 'deus ex machina' of materializations astral body. Explanation of phenomenon depends on its nature. Extended powers of 'spirits'. Powers of somnambulists. Spiritual Self practically omniscient. Platitudes of seance 'spirits'. Individuality and Personality, importance of difference. Psychic and spiritual senses. Reply to Stainton Moses. Adepts seldom use their powers. Nothing happens without elementals. The fourth 'dimension'. Nature and powers of Elementaries. Nature and function of Akasha and Astral light. Poltergeist phenomena. Transportation of objects. Nothing outside Nature, nothing supernatural. Magic, knowledge of electricity and magnetism necessary. Magic, spiritual WISDOM. Adept cannot control immortal spirit of man. Adepts are not mediums.


Part 1. Spiritual development epitomizes the evolutionary purpose. The ALL exists always in the tiniest thing. Life waves likened to tides. Great pulse of Nature. Humanity, special position in planetary process. Mother Earth; we are one family. Realization of brotherhood, end result of ethical and esoteric teaching and practice. Motive, divine, outside us as personalities. Right orientation of attention. The big perspective. Everything is an expression of Monad. The higher octaves of sentience and comprehension. Sub-principles as harmonics of main principles. The importance of the mid-point, the 4th, in the sevenfold scheme. Each plane and subplane has its mode of consciousness. More about Antahkarana. The signs of progress. The use of consciousness-raising literature. Opinions and beliefs are of no value. Quickening our higher subprinciples. Our journey 'home'. Meditation, and the controlled way of life. Only kind of occultism a wise man should strive for. Aspects of the meditational method.

Part 2. Cosmic action is in its myriads of living units. Only part of the great picture available to us. 'Lead the life necessary ... '. KNOWING by doing. Journey, many hazards are in ourselves. Way to enlightenment. The Goal, the Treasure. The seven times seven scale. Study. The permanent and impermanent. We came from and return to THAT which is omniscient, universal and eternal. 'Head' and 'heart' learning. Personality development is not spirituality. Orientation of attention upwards. Process of purification. Abandonment of old habits. Self-forgetfulness. Sustained effort. Desire no reward. Entrance to higher plane; Powers, a natural accompaniment of existence there. The tyro becomes the neophyte. His view of the way. The way common to all. Willingness and desire to help. Lapses into self-concern. All the necessary resources are within ourselves. 'Live in the Eternal'. We are prisoners of habitual opinions of ourselves. We can only act now. Relinquishing the past. Present-time awareness. Inner freedom. Role of 'the Sons of Mahat'. Will, altruism and a sense of duty, necessities to progress. Necessity for study. Mysticism and Occultism. Karma limits intervention of the Master. Spirituality is impersonality. W.Q. Judge's advice to an aspirant.


Part 1. The mysteries of heaven and earth. Origins of religion among men. The Elect, the germ of a hierarchy which never died. Celestial teachers; their teaching a 'great focus of light'. The Esoteric Science, religion itself. Reformers tried to return religion to its former purity. Need for ethics. Spiritual regeneration, proper purpose of religion. The Ego inseparable from THE SELF. Religion in the Races. Men gradually became ignorant of their Divine Nature. Tradition of religious heroes. Idea of God not innate. God of Theologians is 'imaginary'. The Masters still carry the torch of Truth. They aim to deliver mankind from dogmatic religions, mere beliefs and blind faith. Religion, two thirds of evils that pursue humanity. Altars of false gods. Eradication of bigotry, religious, scientific and social. Occult Sciences are based on true knowledge of Nature. Necessity to KNOW the esoteric doctrines. The forms of religion originally derived from relatively pure sources. Its subsequent corruption. Priests stand between man and God. Men invented ceremonial, adulterated scripture. Paraphernalia of religion. The need for real religion. Prayer discussed. Learning and teaching. The value of group work.

Part 2. Religious usage man-made. There have always been Sages. Final truth only transmittable to a receptive mind. Absolute truth? Origins of religion in remote beginning of our race. Early third Race felt itself one with the unknown and invisible ALL. Middle third Race either became 'Sons of Darkness' or 'Sons of Light'. They had their bright Gods around, even within themselves. The bright Spirits animated the man of clay. The Golden Age'. Atlanteans, first 'Sacrificers' to the god of matter. Symbol of Cain. The Spirits of the Earth; dark, cosmic, anthropomorphic Powers. Hebrews' tribal god. Descent of Spirit into Matter. Divine Man evolves through the Races of mankind. 'Fallen Angels'. Idea of God as Creator and Governor. Divisive effects of religious beliefs. Masters KNOW their teaching is truth. No God, as normally thought of. Unanswerable arguments against conventional concepts. Evil, no existence, per se. Diseases are hereditary. 'The Truth shall make you free'. Courage needed. Genuine mystical experience. The religious urge. Working harmoniously with Nature, as co-workers. The silent and sanctified solitude of our Souls.


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