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Geoffrey Farthing 2004

In 1969 Geoffrey Farthing wrote "the past few decades, for one reason or another, the Society, in my view, has lost its identity. It has become buried in accretions." These first words of an article entitled 'What is the Theosophical Society?' opened a new stage in a debate that has probably challenged (and fractured) the Society ever since the death of H.P. Blavatsky. Geoffrey, as probably the late twentieth century's principle and foremost exponent of Blavatsky-Theosophy took up the challenge of reinstating the primacy of her teachings in a well argued and tenacious debate that continues to this day. Geoffrey laid a significant portion of the blame for the state of the Society upon the Esoteric Section of the Society (that of the Adyar portion of the Society; it's most numerically significant). The following articles, comments and letters trace the debate since 1969:

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