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A lifelong student of Theosophy, Geoffrey Farthing, a co-founder of The Blavatsky Trust, was one of Theosophy's finest minds and became one of it's all time greatest exponents. Many of Geoffrey's writings are now available online.

Publications and writings

One of H.P.B.'s last gift's to us, The Voice of the Silence is a devotional classic of great spiritual significance. Muriel Daw's Companion renders the 'Voice' accessible to a modern audience - not as a substitute for the deep mysticism of the original, but as a tool for understanding.

Foreword and The Companion

European School of Theosophy
6th - 11th October 2016
Salzburg - Austria
Mr Edward Abdill
Mr Chaganti V.K. Maithreya
Mrs Erica Georgiadis
Mrs Mary Abdill
Mrs Noeline Hart
Dr. Sunita Maithreya


The Mahatma Letters
H.P.B.'s Teachings
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Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

15 January 1953
29 August 2012

The Trustees of The Blavatsky Trust pay their tribute to a brilliant scholar and remarkable friend.

Our Tribute

Michael Gomes - the Secret of the Secret Doctrine


Our web site contains information about Theosophy, the ageless Ancient Wisdom, as contained in the writings of Theosophical Society co-founder Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 - 1891), and her Teachers.The site contains a comprehensive collection of the writings of Geoffrey Farthing (1909-2004), a co-founder of the Blavatsky Trust, and one of the foremost exponents of Blavatsky-Theosophy in recent times.

Theosophy is a recent recapitulation of the ancient wisdom tradition. It is a body of teachings and doctrines (having consistency with that disseminated by the founders of the modern Theosophical Movement), explanatory of Universal Laws; Laws that establish the principle of Unity inherent in Nature and which are the basis of Universal Brotherhood. (Theosophy is a term also used to refer to the universal Ancient Wisdom underlying all religions, which can be found at their core when they are stripped of accretions, deletions, and superstitions. This is sometimes referred to as "divine wisdom" or the "ancient wisdom".)

H. P. BlavatskyH.P. Blavatsky was a remarkable woman; one of the most gifted and fascinating of modern times. Destined for a solitary path, she left husband and homeland to travel the world in search of occult knowledge, a quest which ultimately took her to the great Mahatmas and the Ancient wisdom of the East. Her odyssey was to bring her enlightenment and enemies, fame and notoriety; devotion and denouncement ... but it also resulted in some of the greatest occult classics ever written, and the founding, in 1875, of the modern Theosophical Society. See: Dr Edi Bilimoria H. P. Blavatsky - A Spiritual Floodlight
Boris de Zirkoff - a tribute to H.P. Blavatsky, published by the Philaletheians.


Geoffrey Farthing was concerned that the original point and purpose of the Theosophical Society had been lost in the years that followed the death of H.P. Geoffrey FarthingBlavatsky, and that a significant part of the substance and detail of the teachings, as given out by Blavatsky and others, had become distorted. Geoffrey Farthing's writings primarily aim to accurately present Blavatsky's work in a form suited to the modern reader, and in addition, a significant number of articles and letters take a critical, and sometimes controversial, look at the Society itself. In 1969 Geoffrey wrote 'What is the Theosophical Society?' (go to text) and followed this by an analysis of Theosophy itself (go to text).

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